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Any Indian ‘misadventure’ will not go unpunished: Pakistani Def Min

SNS | New Delhi |

A day after Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that Pakistan will have to “pay” for the Sunjuwan terror attack, Islamabad said that any Indian misadventure will not go unpunished.

“Any India aggression, strategic miscalculation or misadventure regardless of its scale, mode, or location will not go unpunished,” Pakistani Minister of Defence Khurram Dastgir said on Tuesday, 13 February.

He added that any action by India will be met with an “equal and proportionate response” in defence of “every inch of Pakistan”.

“Pakistan will pay India in its own coin in case of any Indian misadventure,” Dastgir claimed while launching a series of accusations against India.

Dastgir had last week delivered a similar rhetoric against India. Reacting to India’s accusation of repeated ceasefire violation by Pakistan, Dastgir said that India has a right to start a misadventure but the “right to respond at a chosen magnitude” is reserved by Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Sitharaman accused Pakistan for nurturing, training and shielding terrorist groups such as Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), whose members attacked the Sunjuwan Military Station in Jammu on 10 February.

The three terrorists who were neutralised on 12 February after a gun battle that lasted over 50 hours attacked the camp in the wee hours of Saturday.

Eight people, including seven soldiers, lost their lives in the attack. The heavily-armed terrorists had JeM flags with them.

“Pakistan will pay for this misadventure,” Sitharaman stressed adding that India will continue to thwart any attempt by Pakistan. Though asked, Sitharaman did not elaborate on the kind of response.

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Calling the Sunjuwan Military Station terror attack a “dastardly attack of cowardice on unarmed soldiers”, the Defence Minister slammed Pakistan for continuously sponsoring terrorists and assured the people of India that the sacrifices of the soldiers will not go in vain.

Sitharaman pointed out that many of the terrorists responsible for attacks on Indian soil, including the 2008 Mumbai terror attack are roaming free in the country. She said that Pakistan is expanding the arc of terror to the south of Pir Panjal range.