Flyers bearing Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad's name have been suffering due to the curbs imposed by domestic airlines on the parliamentarian, his close aide said.

He also said that the Shiv Sena MP won't book a flight ticket till the matter was resolved by the Parliament and his party.

"Gaikwad won't ever book a flight ticket till the issue is resolved by the Parliament, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Shiv Sena party," the Sena MP's aide from Gaikwad's hometown Omerga in Osmanabad district said.

"After the infamous Pune-Delhi flight, Ravi Sir (Gaikwad) booked flight tickets only three times and all were cancelled owing to the unjust curbs imposed by the airlines.

"The fourth and last ticket he booked was for an 8 AM flight from Mumbai to Delhi and that was also cancelled. He did not book any ticket after that. All this talk of his being on a flight ticket booking spree is a ploy to malign him and we condemn such tactics," the aide said.

The tickets were booked by the Sena MP's namesake who is bearing the brunt of the mistaken identity, he said.

"The airline companies do not have any mechanism to distinguish between the namesakes and as a result, innocent flyers are being inconvenienced," he said.