World Food Safety Day : Food Standards Save Lives

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The annual World Food Safety Day (WFSD), which is celebrated on June 7, had  its fifth anniversary in 2023. According to the WHO  600 million people are ill each year as a result of the 200 different illnesses that can be spread through food. Those most impacted include young individuals and populations with little resources. Each year, foodborne infections result in 420,000 fatalities that may be avoided.

This day aims to promote discussions, solutions, and means to enhance human health, trade, agriculture, and sustainable development. It also raises awareness about the significance of prevention, detection, and management of risks through food safety practises.

“Food Standards Save Lives” is the theme for this year. Standards set maximum quantities of additives and pollutants, among other ingredients, that can be safely consumed in addition to giving farmers and processors instructions on the sanitary treatment of food. Such standards are set by organisations, governments, and regional or global groups. One of the organisations in charge of establishing global standards for food safety and quality is the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which is commemorating its 60th birthday this year.

Due to the increased use of pesticides, chemicals, and additives in food due to modern farming practises, consumers will suffer if these substances are not controlled. Another significant issue is water contamination. To promote the best health for all customers, World Food Safety Day makes sure that food standards are followed.