World Earth Day: A celebration of conservation of earth’s ecosystem

World Earth Day: A celebration of conservation of earth’s ecosystem

Drawing made by 10 year old Aarav Dhimaan [Photo:SNS]

Environmental degradation and climate change are a global phenomena where actions in one part of the world impact ecosystems and populations across the globe.

To create awareness about the environment ecosystem, the World Earth Day is celebrated, which honours the achievements of the environmental movement and underscores the importance of long-term ecological sustainability.

The World Earth Day is seen and celebrated as a day of education about environmental issues. According to the UN, the International Mother Earth is celebrated as a reminder that the earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance.


In 1990, Hayes organized a global Earth Day, with more than 200 million participants in more than 140 countries. Earth Day now brings together citizens and activists from around the world to raise awareness and take action regarding such environmental concerns as global warming and renewable energy.

The theme of this year’s World Earth Day is ‘Invest In Our Planet,’ which means subsidizing the efforts to save the earth. The host country of this year’s Earth Day is Côte d’Ivoire and is supported by the Netherlands and will focus on solutions to plastic pollution.

India’s contributions in protecting earth

India is also celebrating ‘Earth Day’ with its foot forward by doing its best to save the planet earth. Environmentalism is very much associated with the common people of our country. In India, the Green Generation Campaign started on Earth Day that insists on a global day of action and civic participation, to make a carbon-free future based on renewable energy that will end the dependency on fossil fuels.

It also focuses on an individual’s commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption and creation of a new green economy that lifts people out of poverty by creating millions of quality green jobs that transforms the global education system into a green one.

India has emerged as a major country supporting the sustainable development initiatives. India has already reached its renewable target which was announced at the Paris agreement in 2016, as the country is obtaining 40 per cent of the energy by non-fossil fuel sources.

In India major stress on the environment is seen on Soil health, temperature changes, humidity, greenhouse gases, loss biodiversity. The decreased life span of humans in polluted cities, continued tornadoes, desertification, changes in weather systems are the few examples which are the major problems faced by people in a country due to climate changes and deterioration of earth’s atmosphere.

To overcome all these environmental problems India is doing it’s best, recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed to make India a ‘net zero carbon emitter’ by 2070. Not only this in the areas of biodiversity conservation, wetlands conservation, hazardous materials reduction and land degradation, India is doing well.

Under the Green India Mission afforestation program has been taken up to absorb additional 300 crore than carbon dioxide. India is the first country in the world to bring monitoring of sustainable development goals at the national level.

The World Earth Day is creating huge differences in protecting Earth and Indians are playing a significant role in it. In the Glasgow summit, Prime Minister Modi gave the slogan for ‘one word movement named ‘LIFE’ (Lifestyle for Environment) is now becoming a mass movement, which is the biggest tribute to our planet earth.