Top picks from the books released on August

Here’s the top picks from the books released on August 2022.

Top picks from the books released on August

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The sultry summer month is about to end but there are a bunch of new books released this August. If you want to delve into their pages with a cup of brewing coffee for a perfect ‘me’ time, then go and grab your copy. Here are the top picks from the books released on August 2022.

The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid

Publication Date- August 2, 2022


Genre- Political Fiction

A world dissected by race, the book turns out to be an eye-opener. Andrew went to sleep as a white man but to his biggest nightmare wakes up with dark skin. This changes every equation of love, family, and society. Similar occurrences report throughout the land and lurk the identity of existence. A love story different from the others, this book will keep you glued.

Daisy Darker by Alice Fenny

Publication date- August 18, 2022

Genre- Suspense Thriller

A family reunites for Nana’s 80th birthday on a tiny tidal island. Then at the stroke of midnight, a storm rages and one after the other person gets killed. Does it hold any coherency with the deep harbouring secrets, or does it unfold altogether a new mystery? The close-knitted plot of this book will make you breathless and suspenseful because the nerve-racking thriller has some tangling twists.

Mika in Real life by Emiko Jean

Publication Date- August 2, 2022

Genre- Romance Comedy

The bestselling author Emiko Jean penned down an adult rom-com that is fresh yet poignant. Mika at thirty-five is confused and cluttered with the messed-up job, bad relationships, and wrong decisions. One day she gets a call from her daughter whom she placed for adoption 16 years ago. Faced with her own inadequacies, will Mika be able to get things sorted? This is an emotional catharsis dealing with complications, motherhood, laughter, and life.

You are invited by Amanda Jayatissa

Publication Date- August 11, 2022

Genre- Thriller Mystery

From the author of ‘My Sweet Girl’ comes a deadly thriller that wreck havoc a lavish wedding. Amaya is invited to Kaavi’s wedding but soon learns that the groom is her ex. Now the only thing she’s focused on is making sure the wedding doesn’t happen. When Kaavi goes missing and is presumed dead, suspects point towards Amaya. With more secrets unveiling at your biggest surprises, this book is perfect for some summer thrills.

Babel- An Arcane History by R. F Kuang

Publication Date- August 23, 2022

Genre- Historical Fiction

In 1828, an orphan named Robin Swift was brought to London from Canton by a mysterious professor. He got trained for years in multiple languages to get enroll in Oxford University’s prestigious Royal Institute of Translation also known as Babel. But as Britain pursues war with China, Robin is put in a collision to decide the extent he can go for imperial expansion. A historical fiction dealing with the dark academia genre, this can be a gripping read for you.