Sounds amusing, but today is National Garlic day

Sounds amusing, but today is National Garlic day

National Garlic Day (Getty Image)

Did you know today is a day to celebrate garlic? The National Garlic Day is celebrated to commemorate the significance of the spice, its history and legacy.

Garlic, a spice used in cuisines to add delectable taste and flavour, has incredible health benefits. The National Garlic Day helps professionals and common people alike to dig through the history of this amazing spice and learn how it came to be one of the tastiest ingredients of our food.

History of National Garlic Day


The origin of garlic, scientifically called ’Allium sativumis’, has been traced back to Central Asia more than 5000 years ago and the ancient Romans weren’t actually huge fans of it, although their soldiers did use it to inspire courage. It is known as one of the most integral flavouring bulbs that have been used throughout human history. Today, garlic is considered a considerable part of Mediterranean cuisine.

The earliest use of garlic in cooking can be traced to the Medieval and Renaissance times. It was only used in small doses in sauces because it was considered to be a peasant-food since it is technically just a root dug up from the ground. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that garlic was acknowledged by most of the chefs.

Garlic is now included in many dishes from different cultures, ranging along the Mediterranean, Italian, and French cuisines, as well as a variety of others. In American cuisine, it is thought that food critics such as James Beard and Craig Claiborne popularized garlic during the 20th century.

Garlic is also known for its magical and medicinal properties

According to Dr Hem Raj Gautam (former District, Ayurvedic officer, Himachal Pradesh), in Ayurveda Garlic is considered as having anti-aging properties. It is rich in sulphur compounds that contribute to its various health benefits.

Garlic helps manage weight by improving the metabolism of the body. It is good for heart health as it maintains a balance between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels due to its lipid lowering property. It prevents plaque formation and helps to widen the blood vessels thereby managing blood pressure due to its antioxidant property.

Garlic also helps boost immunity and increases the ability of the body to fight against various infections. It manages cold and cough symptoms by increasing the release of mucus from the respiratory tract. It improves bone health which might be due to its high calcium content. Garlic might also help improve memory issues by preventing brain cell damage caused by free radicals due to its antioxidant property. It also helps to improve athletic performance by increasing oxygen flow to tissues and muscles.

According to Dr Gautam, taking Garlic paste along with milk helps to improve sexual health due to its Vajikarana (aphrodisiac) property. Drinking Garlic juice, preferably on an empty stomach in the morning, helps in weight loss.

Magical use of garlic

In ancient times, it was considered that garlic has some magical properties which can scare vampires. The stories stretch back to old times in many part of the world, That time it was said the garlic ability to ward off creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and demons, but this may also just imply that the person who has eaten garlic has a bit of bad breath!

In addition to magical powers, garlic is known to have medicinal properties, including being able to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Today, garlic festivals exist throughout local towns in various places as garlic is used in many dishes all over the world.

So, let’s grab a clove or two, peel them, and use them for the next dinner during National Garlic Day and acknowledge its amazing taste and all the benefits.