When alcohol is punched with hard hitting metal music, it can make anyone go insane. As the trend of metal and EDM music is burgeoning with the passage of time, the existing trend of coffeetable ghazal-session is gradually being replaced by alcohol laced metal songs. A colleague, who was in Bangalore recently to cover a youth festival, witnessed how metal music has catapulted the mood of today's youth toanew high, that too, punched with shots of alcohol.

This “new trend”, which was very much evident at the music festival, threw up a peculiar and hilarious incident, our colleague narrated. The event was teeming with music lovers, especially youths who had gone there to enjoy listening to their favourite bands. A young college student from a group of five got so excited as the festival got underway that he removed his shoe and started to throw it in the air as high as he could. This repeated mischief by the young guy annoyed every single person who was present at the scene. A middle-aged man, who was also present there, couldn't take this any more. Disturbed and agitated, the man left his drinks and decided to teach him a lesson. He went next to the young lad and after two or three tries caught the shoe and flung it outside the boundary wall. The poor young fellow went searching for his shoe but unfortunately he couldn't find it. Our colleague, who gleefully witnessed all these happenings, asked him the price of his shoe. The young man replied it cost Rs 8,900. Consoling the young guy, our colleague told him, "I think you have thrown your shoe so high that it must've reached heaven and probably God liked your expensive shoes and decided to keep it. Go and pray before God. He will return your shoes for sure!"