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Food Review: Varieties of ‘Koolchas,’ even ‘Chocolate Kulcha’ at one place with ‘Coffee wali chai’ on the sides

Food is something that you cannot live without, and when you crave street food, you can not restrict yourself but to have an affair with it.

Shalini Pathak | New Delhi |


What is your favourite street food that entices your khameeri, buttery taste buds? Well, to fill up this question, you need not think a lot! Let’s reveal the showstopper name! Gurugram introduces its new version of food eateries but for that, you need to hold your heart and listen to its name so as not to forget it ever. And here it is ‘Koolchas’. Doesn’t it give you a snacky feeling? Just like its name, its flavoursome items will also give your gastronomical senses a major boost.

Koolchas absolutely justifies its ‘title’ in all aspects. Be it tikhha, khatta flavour or buttery, fluffy Kulcha. This can be your mini hometown where you will get ‘Ghar ka masala’ in all its cuisine with ‘Ghar ka swad’. Now no more homesickness if you stay away from your native place!

Food is something that you cannot live without, and when you crave street food, you can not restrict yourself but to have an affair with it. Now a concern raises whether health and taste go hand in hand? If you are talking about roadside then nobody takes a guarantee. But you talk about ‘Koolchas’, then for sure they make you feel secure by feeding your taste buds ultimate ‘Rasoi ka swad’ with proper hygiene.

Koolchas is all set to give you nostalgic goals with its plain bread kulcha and Matar Chatka–The fluffiness of the bread gives your taste buds a very smooth and soft crunchy flavour on the one hand and on the other, the matar chatka–Amalgamation of all the vegetables like onion, green chilly, tomato, coriander leaves or much more, mixed ghar ka masala in it from garam masala to amchur powder to hing is something that you might have tried it before but not with the same tanginess.

Want to try some more flavour? Scroll down your menu where your eye catches Dal Karari–Do not go with its literal meaning! Dal Karari is something in the house of Koolchas that will give you the perfect ‘Chana ki dal wali’ recipe from your ‘Maa ki rasoi’. Well cooked Chana dal, mixed all the Indian spices. Garnishing with very thin potato frills on the top of it. Just to justify its name. Dal karari has a different flavour on its own, but one thing is for sure you will end up licking your finger.

Koolchas kitchen is being naughty and throws a fun-loving challenge at all the gourmet out here.

So are you guys ready for its flavoursome tikhha challenge? If not, then have a backup plan or order some of its beverages like Rose Katira–Perfect for this cheerful summer, the essence of rose will make your drowsy mood and its mild sweetness rules on your mouthwatering taste buds.

Well, it’s time to inaugurate Koolchas challenge. Here presenting most tikhha in the town that has the capacity to make you cry–Its name is ‘Chicken Choudhary’. This Choudhary is really unbiased in its behaviour and performs really well in the ‘sirf tikka segment’.

In the Koolchas section, not just plain bread kulcha but ample of the flavoursome taste of kulchas are ready to rule on your heart. Starting from its ‘Amritsari tandoori kulchas’. On public demand, better try its Teekhi mirchi, Onion garlic or Chicken Keema kulcha. But go slowly, let’s define the masala and aroma. Teekhi mirchi kulcha–Stuffed with chopped off green chilly, mixed all the masalas in it that all set to give your taste buds a truly fiery flavour. Served with pickles made with  ‘homemade’ flavours, pudina or dhaniya chutney or khatta imly pyaaz ka syrup. As the name suggests, Onion garlic kulcha is very simple and crispy in taste, in every bite you can easily feel the essence of it. And can have it on and on. After having teekhi mirchi or onion garlic, grab its lip-smacking, delectable tasteful recipe of Chicken keema–mashed up boneless masala chicken is prepared for its stuffing inside the crispy, chewy kulchas will force you to burp.

Koolchas has its ‘Breakfast segment’ as well to make your morning happy. They have ‘Vada Pav Kulcha’–Stuffing vada pav inside the fluffy buttery kulcha. Indian spices make it more genuine, if gourmets are not chilly lovers, then they can order according to their palate.

After having ‘Ghar ka swad’, Do you want to attempt its most chocolatey, mild sweet in taste? It’s all-time favoured ‘Chocolate Kulcha’–Stuffed with melting chocolate inside the kulcha, make your mood even more crunchy chocolaty. Some toppings of melting chocolate will set a perfect dessert goal.

Koolchas menu is so boundless that it will truly satiate your appetite but not your inner craving. ‘Abhi toh party shru hui’ can be the slang for Koolchas lover.

In the Koolchas pitara, they have the most freezing or snowy portion to entertain your taste buds further. Koolfi with dip and toppings in many options that are added separately. Whatever you like it. From Kesar Pista badam to Malai, Thandai to Strawberry to Pineapple will give you ‘thanda thanda cool cool’ feeling in every way.

You can take a hunch on ‘Coffee wali chai’ that can be Koolchas USPs–It tastes like tea and aroma of coffee gives you a refreshing and soothing feeling. Coffee wali chai is enough to remind you of your ‘beete din’ over a sip of it.

Started by Gaurav Bahl and Sunila Bahl, the brand aims to serve fresh and tasteful dishes with Kulche which are laden with the goodness of homemade spices and fresh vegetables. With an impeccable assurance of hygienic food, the dishes at Koolchas start at INR 49 and have already been dominating the Quick Meal scene with their 2 outlets 24*7.

Koolchas founded in the year 2018 is a brand committed to serving the freshest Kulchas which are available in many homemade variants, along with other scrumptious food items ranging from side dishes to desserts.  Providing you with the best service in terms of taste and value for money.

The brand has adequate varieties of chatpata and catchy segments like Eat and run, Bites on the move, Sides or many more.

If you have a passion for Kulchas then you must visit and leave the rest to them. They very well know how to make one’s visit worth it. Enjoy your Kulcha! ‘Kyunki yeh Pet bharega niyat nahi’ (On a lighter note).

Details are given below:-

Address: Koolchas

Where: 15, Ground Floor, Bestech Chambers, Block B, Sushant Lok Phase I, Gurugram, Haryana

Cost for two: 200-300 (Also depends upon guests)

Timings: Open 24 hours (all days)