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Embrace depression and go beyond it

Someone asked Osho if it is justified and ethical for patients of depression to be given Dynamic Meditation?’

SNS | New Delhi |

A 29-year-old man in my neighbourhood committed suicide early this year. He was clinically depressed, unable to express his emotions. He was also extremely dependent on people & situations agreeing to his ideas all the time. 

His family kept nagging him to be like other people who are more successful, more confident, and more charismatic. However, he was a soft-hearted man who felt unloved and ignored.  Finally, he killed himself. 

The word depression has been long ignored in most Indian families. Many refuse to acknowledge a clinical problem that can’t be seen. Covid has changed things. It is not a big taboo to discuss mental issues anymore.  People find value in investing and talking about mental wellness. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) depression is characterized by ‘persistent sadness and lack of interest or pleasure in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities.’ Depression could result from ‘unemployment, loneliness and bereavement, or traumatic events such as the threat of a disease and isolation.’ Worldwide nearly two hundred and eighty million people suffer from depression and over seven lakh persons die due to suicide each year.

According to Osho, “A sufferer of depression has repressed too much. Depression is nothing but repression.” He further adds, Everybody who has been brought up in our societies needs some methods to vomit anger, sex, greed, jealousies, envies. You are sitting on a volcano… and the volcano can erupt at any moment! If catharsis is allowed — and that’s what Dynamic Meditation is all about — the volcano will disappear. You will become saner.”

Someone asked Osho if it is justified and ethical for patients of depression to be given Dynamic Meditation?’

Osho said “What else can be more justified and more ethical – because to be a sufferer of depression simply means he has repressed too much. Depression is nothing but repression. He is depressed so much because he has not been allowed to express himself. Dynamic Meditation is expression. In expressing himself, in catharting all that has been repressed in his unconscious, he will be unburdened, he will become saner, healthier.”

In addition to dynamic meditation, there isanothertechnique among the many gifted by Osho called Gibberish meditation, a sure shot way to deal with depression.

Gibberish is a scientific, cathartic technique that uses the expression of sounds and body movements followed by a silent relaxation. This technique enables the ever-chattering mind to throw out its madness and insanity.

It lasts 30 minutes with two stages each of fifteen minutes.

In the first stage, express whatever you want to in an undecipherable (non-existent) language. Allow yourself to pour out all the craziness of the mind in crazy sounds and gestures. Language is human made. Therefore, the mind always thinks in terms of words. Gibberish helps to break this pattern of continual rumination and verbalization.

In the second stage, lie down on your stomach and feel as if you are merging with Mother Earth. Eyes must be closed throughout.

Lack of self-love is the cause of many issues with humankind. For depression or any other problem, a self-care plan should be followed with love & consistency. If you can’t love yourself yet, start by attending a meditation camp. It brings one to a space of love and silence. You are the one you have been waiting for and It is easier to find yourself with meditation.