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5 most inspiring winter decor tips for your home

During winters, people prefer to create a warm space to call friends and family and give them an inviting vibe at the home.

SNS | New Delhi |

The blistering cold and windy weather has almost arrived. The winter season of 2020 is going to be completely different from the usual as due to the pandemic, people will have to stay cosy at their home. Even the Christmas and New Year vibes will be unusual, to be celebrated in the warmth of your home with some wine, hot beverages and your best-loved web series.

During winters, people prefer to create a warm space to call friends and family and give them an inviting vibe at the home. There are several tips and tricks to incorporate in your home and make it ready for the winter months ahead!

Add warm lights

Winter days are short and dull. To bright up the surroundings in the darkness of the season, add some extra elements for warm lighting. This is not something that is done in every season but adding a little element of warm lighting changes the entire mood of the home. Begin with maximizing natural light by removing those blackout curtains and accessories that were used to block the sun heat during summers. Add some low wattage bulb table and floor lamps to illuminate the space especially – the dark corners.

Winterproofing with rugs

The ceramic tiles and marble flooring at home feel relaxing in summers. But during the chilly winters, the same flooring could feel frigid. If you do not enjoy stepping on the care floor, cover the required areas of your home with rugs. Placing carpets and rugs on the floor work as insulators and keep the floor cosy and warm. Look for handmade rugs that have high knot count and density. Begin with furnishing the bedroom space where stepping onto the floor gives chills. The bedside and the foot of the bed could be the right options for the placement of the rugs. Additionally, you can try putting them in the middle of the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Use firepits and heaters 

Nothing could be as welcoming as creating a space for firepits and heaters in chilly winter. Sitting on a cosy chair with your friends and family and enjoying the heat of the fire pit is the best to experience in an ultra-cosy environment. It not only works well in keeping the space warm but also adds a touch of vintage décor. It makes space a wonderful area to gather around with your favourite people and embrace the season. There are different types of fire pits available in the market – from wood burning to the electric ones. Choose the appropriate one that is easy to keep back safely for the next winters.

Extra throw pillows

Winter is all about adding comfort and cosiness. With some extra pillows and blankets, the home becomes the best holiday destination for celebrating Christmas and New Year. Add extra cushions to your bed and couch especially the themed ones inspired by Christmas tree, snowflakes, forest and reindeers that can create stunning décor for your home. Another great idea is using faux fur cushion covers that certainly fits your rustic and raw winter décor. 

Create a cosy reading nook

Spending a few minutes with your favourite books and hot beverages in winter energises the mood. Creating a perfect reading nook for cosy weather is easy to achieve. Start with adding a soft chair covered in faux fur for extra comfort. To break the monotony, create a gallery wall with old photographs and other vintage elements to banish your stress. Additionally, planters can also be added to bring freshness to your home.

(Expert inputs: Mudit Jaju, founder of CherishX)