In line with the legacy of its parent company, Barco NV Belgium, Barco Electronics Systems Pvt Ltd has demonstrated tremendous growth since it started out with a 50-member team in 1996. The company has emerged as the undisputed category leader in providing state-of-the-art professional visualisation and networking solutions. Today, Barco India has an employee strength of 550 across sales, manufacturing, R&D, marketing, software development, and customer support.

Its Noida headquarters is one of the key sites for global Barco operations and has corporate offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. Rajiv Bhalla, managing director of Barco Electronic Systems Pvt Ltd shares about the company’s formulation and execution of business strategies end-goal of expanding local footprint in the market and tapping into the country’s enormous business potential.


What are the various products and the sectors that the company is catering to?

We have an extensive array of products and solutions, including highly-customised networked visualisation products for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare. In addition to large screen displays, digital cinema projection, and hi-tech medical displays, we provide cutting-edge projection technology for a wide variety of markets and use-cases. These applications range from businesscentric environments such as corporate meeting rooms and board rooms to cinema projection, post-production, auditoriums, events, shows, AR/VR, and projection mapping. Our proprietary wireless collaboration solution, ClickShare is aimed at enhancing meeting room productivity with its plug-and-play proposition. Its proven technological expertise and execution capabilities highlight the key role Barco can play in the success of India’s Smart Cities Mission as a technology partner.

How do you see the business outlook in our country? Is the growth in line with your set targets?

India has made, and is still making, rapid strides when it comes to adopting leading-edge technology in the mainstream. Consumers are demanding higher quality services across domains. This market dynamic is extremely promising for a player like Barco, and is something which it is well poised to capitalise on. The robust growth that we’ve registered over a year is indicative of the suitability and requirement of future-ready technological solutions, which have been enabling better outcomes for businesses. With our digital projection solutions increasingly being preferred by leading players in high-potential sectors such as entertainment, we are confident of maintaining our strong growth momentum and further consolidating our domain leadership. Barco has also been making a great impact in the country’s booming healthcare market, partnering with leading global OEMs and aiding them with hi-tech medical solutions.

With years of leadership experience, what have you found to be the biggest challenge?

The biggest leadership challenge today, in my opinion, lies in keeping the workforce motivated. Innovation, business growth, success, market domination all these are secondary concerns which follow automatically if you can keep your employees eager to work and contribute.

Professional growth is a key motivator, and we ensure that we provide our talented workforce with ample opportunities to enhance and augment their skill sets. This focus on talent development not only helps them in performing better in their existing profiles, but also grooms them to be ready for better roles and responsibilities within the organisation. Our employees benefit from multiple incentive programmes we have launched to keep them motivated. We believe in encouraging employees who come forward with new business ideas and acknowledge them through our monthly newsletter and announcements.

What aspirations are you setting to keep the momentum going in the years ahead?

We have been on an accelerated growth trajectory of late, and we fully intend to leverage that momentum to drive greater growth. The Smart Cities Mission is a key focus area for us. We will be working towards making it more accessible and available through our control room and networked visualisation solutions.

Our innovative technologies will facilitate the intersection of utilities, processes, administration, and the end-user that smart cities will be built on, making Barco the enabler of India’s smarter tomorrow and establish it as the country’s technological partner of choice.

Having already established our proposition with the top players, we will also be looking at serving and expanding into the broader market, as well as contributing to the “Make in India” campaign. Achieving these lofty aims, however, will require us to reinforce our operations by implementing an “in country, for country” strategy.

We will also be expanding our existing capabilities, and will be investing heavily in nurturing local talents. This will help us in addressing and capturing specific opportunities.