Popular YouTuber Q Park has again attempted his hands on a Bollywood dance number, and it has turned out killingly funny. This investment banker-turned-YouTuber surely has a habit of stunning people on the streets in bizarre ways.

This time he chooses to flaunt his impromptu moves on Ranveer Singh’s Khalibali song from the film Padmaavat.

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Baffling bystanders by bursting into a quirky dance in the middle of a major street in New York, Q Park attracted quite a number of eyeballs. Other than that, he also tried to imitate Kareena Kapoor in the Bole Chudiyan song. But could he do justice to it in his own unique style? Well, watch it yourself to decide.

Here is the video:

However, this isn’t the first time that Q Park has attempted gyrating to Bollywood numbers. Previously, the YouTuber picked songs like Choli Ke peeche, Dhoom, and Chamak Challo to groove on. We wonder if Q Park is becoming a major Bollywood fan!

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Undoubtedly, Q Park is winning hearts with his moves. Proof is the video above. It has gained 21K likes and 180,116 views in just a day.