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Trolls should be ignored, say Bollywood celebs

IANS | Mumbai |

Trolling has become an issue for many celebrities on social media whenever they express their opinion on any topic, but some Bollywood figures maintain that not paying attention is the best way to deal with trolls and maintain one’s sanity.

“I think people who are trolling seek attention, so the best way to deal with it is to ignore it, The moment you are blocking the person (who is trolling) it does not exist. That apart if it is going out of the way, just file a report of abuse. Because they know that the more a topic trolled, it gets mileage and media talk about it. If you ignore, it will stop after a point,” said actress Richa Chadha at the trailer launch of her upcoming 3 Storeys which is set to release on March 9.

“Everyone has a right to express an opinion but without abusing anyone,” she added.

Actor Pulkit Samrat said: “There is a difference between memes and trolls and I think people have forgotten about it. Memes is a humorous take on situation and trolls come with agenda. So we should completely ignore trolls, block those people who made dirty comments and abuse people on social media.”

“I think even media should ignore these trolls because that is how those trolls are becoming topic of discussion. Therefore I think we should block them, ignore them and should not pay any kind of attention,” said film producer Ritesh Sidwani.