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Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan completes his political tour

SNS | New Delhi |

Pawan Kalyan, who has announced his decision of not taking any new acting roles or assignments, has been reported to have ended his first phase of his political tour in the Telangana region as part of his ‘Chalo Re Chalo’ yatra.

On January 24, 2018, Pawan Kalyan completed his political yatra in the Khammam region and returned to Hyderabad. According to media reports, Pawan Kalyan had found the yatra to be very successful. He said in his statement that it gave him immense satisfaction and that it was a great opportunity to connect with his party workers directly.

During his political yatra, the region of Khammam has a huge turnout of people who had blocked roads just to see the actor-turned-political leader live.