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Cosby jury deadlocked after four days of deliberations

IANS | Los Angeles |

The jury in the sexual assault trial of comedian Bill Cosby remained deadlocked after four days of deliberations, and will resume its discussions on Friday morning.

The jury indicated the problem on Thursday, the fourth day of deliberations, after writing a note to Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill earlier that day, reports 

"We cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any of the charges," the note read. 

After 9 p.m. on Thursday, the judge said 12 hours of deliberations was long enough and the jurors were later sent home. The jury is set to return for a fifth day of deliberations on Friday at 9 a.m. The jury is made up of four white women, six white men, one black woman and one black man. 

The judge reminded the jury that it's their duty to try to reach a decision, even on some of the charges.

"If you are still deadlocked, you should report that to me. If you've reached a unanimous decision on some of the charges, please report that back to me," he said. 

The judge denied a defence request for a mistrial. 

"It's simply inappropriate at this time," O'Neill said.

Cosby faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault. He is accused of assaulting Andrea Constand without her consent, assaulting her when she was unconscious and assaulting her using drugs to substantially impair her ability to consent in his home outside of Philadelphia, in Elkins Park, in early 2004. 

If found guilty on all three charges, the comedian could be sentenced to up to 10 years on each count.