Bigg Boss 13, Day 91, Dec 30: Devoleena enters ‘BB House’; Bhangra Paa Le team, Sunny Leone grace show

On being asked by Salman, Devoleena says that she will go inside the house and will speak her heart out in front of the housemates.

Bigg Boss 13, Day 91, Dec 30: Devoleena enters ‘BB House’; Bhangra Paa Le team, Sunny Leone grace show


Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Salman Khan entering the stage and welcoming Devoleena Bhattacharjee on stage post which she wishes him on his birthday. She made her points and says that her opinions about whatever is going on inside the house have completely changed. Devoleena also says that her notions regarding Sidharth Shukla has changed with whom she had been involved in a lot of fights during her stay in the house. She further says that Rashami has lost her track.

On being asked by Salman, Devoleena says that she will go inside the house and will speak her heart out in front of the housemates. She then enters the house and awaits the arrival of the housemates. All of them are shocked as well as happy to see her. She informs that she has come to conduct a talk show titled ‘OMG with Devoleena’. Her first guest is Rashami Desai. She asks Rashami the reason behind accepting Arhaan’s apology immediately even after knowing that he had lied to her about his child from his previous marriage. Rashami says that it is the only thing which he hid from her and that shocks Devoleena.

Rashami says that Arhaan has also divorced his wife and he said he will clear all the things after their exit from the house. Devoleena says that Rashami was too quick to pardon Arhaan despite being warned by Salman Khan, her brother Gaurav and others. She also accuses Rashami of not paying heed to others’ advice post which the latter says that she cannot overlook the things which Arhaan has done for her. Rashami says that she will be clearing out everything after she goes out of the house. Devoleena says that Rashami is currently not being practical at all.


Next, Devoleena asks the reason behind Rashami’s deteriorating relationship with Sidharth and others after Arhaan’s re-entry into the house. Rashami then says that she can and never be friends with Sidharth. The next guest is Shehnaaz Gill. Devoleena asks Shehnaaz what is the meaning of entertainment. Shehnaaz says that she has come to know from the show what exactly entertainment is. Devoleena says that nowadays she is seeing Shehnaaz getting emotional and crying all the time, unlike the previous times when she used to be happy. She then hilariously asks Sidharth to give attention to Shehnaaz.

She further asks Shehnaaz whether flipping at times is entertainment and it will lead her to the finale. The latter says that it is actually natural but as of now she is getting involved in the game because everyone is taking advantage of her. The third guest is Paras with whom Mahira also comes along. Devoleena says that Paras gives answers on behalf of Mahira all the time. She asks him if Mahira is a strong contestant post which he replies in the affirmative.

Devoleena gives the reference to a task in which he is insisting that she is playing a good game. She further asks why Paras is using Mahira as a puppet. He says that it is their strategy. The next guest is Sidharth Shukla with whom Devoleena flirts a little. She says that everyone is waiting to see Sidharth smile. She does not pose any questions to him and asks everyone, especially Rashami, to take care of him. Thereafter, she takes leave from everyone.

After Devoleena’s exit, Rashami breaks into tears and Arhaan tries to pacify her. Shefali Bagga talks to Shehnaaz about Sidharth Shukla. The latter says that she gets hurt and emotional when it comes to her loved ones. Back on stage, Gutthi (Sunil Grover) enters and informs Salman that their MMS has been leaked by Bigg Boss. A glimpse of the same has been shown to Salman and the audiences which leaves everyone in splits. After that Salman enters the house through Mi TV and greets everyone. He then says that it is his last episode of the year. He talks about New Year resolutions post which he also tells them about a certain incident involving him and his friend Govinda. Thereafter they are given a task in which they have to give New Year resolutions to each other by putting a taped paper on the other one’s face. They start doing the same one by one.

Later on, Salman asks Vishal and Madhurima to bring something from the storeroom. He gives them the final task of 2019 which involves the housemates naming the one whom they want to target for winning Bigg Boss by putting a cross mark with red paint. The housemates do the same one by one. Thereafter, Sunny Leone enters the stage and greets Salman Khan. She also brings along another birthday cake for him. She congratulates him on the success of Dabangg 3 and the birth of his niece. Post that, they also get involved in a fun banter which leaves everyone in splits.

After that, it’s time for the caller of the week who has a question for Sidharth Shukla. He asks Shukla the reason behind fighting with Rashami despite apologizing to her at the beginning of the show. Sidharth says that he has never apologized to Rashami and that the issue has worsened because of her lies. He also says that he wanted to end the issues because of which he had a talk with her. Sidharth also says that it is always Rashami who comes up with a topic that leads to their argument. The caller accuses Sidharth of poking Rashami when Jasmin came to the show.

He clarifies the same to the caller. Rashami also tries to provide her own point of view regarding the same. Salman then talks about the gifts from home which they received upon the arrival of Rohit Shetty. Thereafter, he talks about eliminations. He informs that Shefali Bagga, Madhurima and Arhaan are among the bottom three housemates.

Later on, Sidharth Shukla bursts out and is pacified by Shehnaaz. He then tries to clear things out with Arti. He also accuses Rashami of speaking things related to their past. Arhaan comes in and asks him about the same. The two of them get involved in an ugly spat. Arti tries to pacify both Rashami and Sidharth. Meanwhile, Sidharth starts speaking things related to his and Rashami’s past. Asim interrupts in between post which Sidharth asks him to stay away as discussed before. Asim makes a statement about Mahira which leads to his argument with Shefali Jariwala.

Arhaan, Asim and Rashami go to the bathroom area and have a discussion about the same. Shehnaaz goes and accuses Asim of coming in between the fight. Sidharth bursts out at Arhaan too and says that the latter has also lied about having a kid. Vishal comes and asks Arhaan to take care of Rashami instead of picking up a fight. Shehnaaz tries to pacify Sidharth and says that Rashami instigates him to do the same. Thereafter, Bigg Boss calls everyone to the garden area. However, Sidharth refuses to do so while Shehnaaz requests him to come outside. Back on stage, the Bhangra Paa Le star cast enters and greets Salman Khan. They talk about the film and take leave from him.

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