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Bigg Boss 13, Day 122, Jan 30: Himanshi, Vikas say they went on a date outside; Asim bursts out

Asim and Himanshi have a conversation with each other about whatever happened.

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Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Vikas and Himanshi pulling Asim’s leg by saying that the two of them have met each other outside. Asim then says that he wants to win the trophy for Himanshi when she reminds him about its importance. Shehnaaz hilariously tells Sidharth that she missed him when she went for some work at the washroom area. She then hugs him post which he pulls her leg. Later on, Shefali says in front of Asim that she had watched Vikas and Himanshi’s date.

Later on, Asim vents his anger on Himanshi and Vikas over the fact that the two of them met outside. He gets irked and walks away later. Post that, the two of them are left in splits. When he gets angrier, Himanshi says that it was all a joke. She tells him that he needs to trust her if they are joking about something. Vikas then apologizes to Asim for the same and walks away. Sidharth asks Vikas what’s wrong and on knowing about the same, he says that Vikas should not get bothered about Asim’s behaviour.

Asim and Himanshi have a conversation with each other about whatever happened.

Meanwhile, Sidharth and Shehnaaz pull each other’s legs in front of Vikas, Shehbaaz and others. Himanshi tries to make Asim understand and asks him not to react on other’s comments. She further asks him to be a gentleman. Bigg Boss gives a unique task to the housemates in which they have to make videos with the help of few of their popular dialogues. They are divided into two teams and have to make three videos each. The connections are assigned the judges of the task.

Thereafter, all the housemates start preparing for the same. Sidharth jokes about how he threw water at Rashami as a part of the task. All of them break into laughter thereafter. Later on, all of them get their videos captured. Devoleena tells Rashami that Sidharth is not a bad person to which the latter agrees. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz asks Sidharth whether he will not meet her after two weeks. He gives hilarious and sarcastic answers.

Later on, the housemates are shown the video clippings made by them. The judges have a discussion with each other but they are unable to decide as four of them support one team while the rest of the four support the other team. Bigg Boss than announces that no one won the task and that they won’t get any gifts.

Himanshi asks Shehnaaz to cut the picture in which the latter is sitting with the makeup artist because of whom the two of them have had a fight earlier.

Later on, Kashmera says that Vishal got up from the horse in one of the previous tasks which the latter agrees. Post that, Sidharth and Vishal pull Rashami’s leg by saying that she flips her words at times. Rashami conveys the same to Himanshi and Asim. She tries to clarify the same with Vishal who then provides his own point of view. Rashami tells Vishal that she felt he taunted her. She then says that she counts him as a friend rather than a contestant. However, the two of them reconcile and hug each other.

Kashmera reminds Rashami of the time when the latter accused Arti of not supporting her. Rashami tries to provide her own point of view about the same. She also tells Kashmera about the times when she has stopped Paras from speaking ill about Arti. Rashami also says that she does not have anything against Arti. Later on, Kashmera makes Rashami and Arti to clear things with each other. Sidharth, Shefali, Shehnaaz, Himanshi and Vikas have a fun conversation with each other.

The next morning housemates wake up to an energetic song. Mahira and Asim have an argument over using cardamom in tea. Kashmera and Arti have a discussion about the other housemates and whom they want to save during the task. Shehbaaz mimics Shehnaaz and tells others how she promised her father not to talk to Paras but flipped later on. Devoleena tells Rashami and Vishal that Sidharth is the one who has been constant inside the house since the beginning.

Next, it’s time for the captaincy candidature task titled ‘Noton Ki Daavedari’ wherein the housemates and their connections will have to print notes and fill the treasure boxes. Everyone start discussing and strategizing about the same thereafter. Vikas, Sidharth, Kashmera and others strategize but Shehnaaz says in between that she does not trust Shefali. Sidharth and Shehnaaz get involved in an argument over the same. He also bursts out at Arti later on.

An argument occurs between Vikas and Kashmera regarding the game. He accuses Shehbaaz of flipping and playing his own game. Sidharth bursts out at Vikas and Shehnaaz too. Shehnaaz tries to make Sidharth understand the entire thing. This escalates further and numerous arguments happen among everyone. Shehbaaz tells Sidharth that he cannot trust Vikas to which the latter asks him not to do so. Kashmera bursts out at Vikas for interrupting in her game.

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