Bigg Boss 13, Day 120, Jan 28: Asim proposes Himanshi; Sidharth teases Rashami in front of Devoleena

Himanshi Khurana enters the house as Asim’s connection and then takes Shehnaaz’s name for interim captain.

Bigg Boss 13, Day 120, Jan 28: Asim proposes Himanshi; Sidharth teases Rashami in front of Devoleena


Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with the housemates waking up and dancing to a melodious song. Paras tells Asim that he feels Himanshi is coming to meet him. Later on, Sidharth pulls Rashami’s leg post which she tells Arti she will burst out if he does anything else. Arti and Rashami have a discussion about a few housemates. Bigg Boss informs the housemates that each of their connections will enter the house and help them in captaincy candidature. The first one to enter the house is Devoleena who has come in support of Rashami. She chooses Shehnaaz as a candidate for the interim captain. The interim captain will enjoy all the benefits of a captain but will not be safe from the week’s elimination.

Sidharth and Arti pull Vishal’s leg by saying that Madhurima might enter the house. Rashami tells Devoleena that she is afraid of being alone to which the latter says that there is no need to worry about the same as many of her family members are supporting her from outside. Devoleena also talks to Rashami about how Shehnaaz cried continuously for 3-4 days. She then informs Sidharth that ‘SidLeena’ is trending outside just like ‘SidNaaz’. Sidharth then pulls Rashami’s leg again in front of Devoleena.

Devoleena asks Rashami whether Sidharth missed her to which the latter replies in the negative. Later on, Himanshi Khurana enters the house as Asim’s connection and then takes Shehnaaz’s name for interim captain. Thereafter, she enters the house and hugs Asim who gets ecstatic after seeing her. He tells her that he loves her a lot post which Himanshi says that the entire world has gone crazy for them. She then hugs Shehnaaz and wishes her happy birthday. Himanshi tells Paras and Mahira that they are looking cute outside the house.


She also praises Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s connection. Himanshi asks Shehnaaz why she is crying all the time. She advises her not to get affected by others words and says that the latter deserves a better team. Shehnaaz talks to Sidharth about Himanshi and says that she is happy that someone has come in support for her. Himanshi and Asim try to clear some previous issues. She says that her marriage was never fixed. Asim says that he talked to Salman about the same and that he promised to fix everything.

He also said that he was upset she sent her message through Shefali’s husband Parag. Sidharth and Paras talk about whatever Himanshi said about Mahira. Later on, Rashami cooks ‘sheera’ and asks Sidharth whether he will have it. She then pulls his leg by saying that she has mixed something in there. Meanwhile, Himanshi talks to Vishal about the incident involving Madhurima. Rashami and Devoleena prompt Asim to propose to Himanshi. He, however, says that his way of life is totally different.

Himanshi and Shehnaaz decide that they will end whatever issue they had outside. Sidharth schools Shehnaaz for giving unnecessary importance to Himanshi. Shehnaaz tries to explain but Sidharth refuses to listen to her. Sidharth continues his fun banter with Rashami and then eats the ‘sheera’ made by her. Mahira’s brother Akash is the third connection to enter the house. He chooses Sidharth Shukla for interim captaincy. He then enters the house through the confession room and hugs Mahira. He greets the other housemates too.

Paras apologises to Akash for calling him ‘nalla’ to which the latter says that he felt offended about the same. Sidharth and Paras provide their explanation to Akash which ends in a fun banter. Later on, Asim kneels down and proposes to Himanshi for marriage. She does not reply in the affirmative but says that she will take a little more time to make a decision. Asim hilariously says that he can wait for ten years for her. She then says that she can’t convey anything on national television. Himanshi also says that she loves Asim as a friend.

Himanshi tells Shehnaaz that being vocal is more important than being emotional. The next to enter the house is Kashmira Shah who comes to support Arti. She votes for Sidharth as the interim captain. Thereafter, she enters the house and hugs Arti. She also greets the other housemates. She then asks Vishal sarcastically whether he is still inside the house or not. She also says that she has watched each and every episode of the house. Later on, Kashmira pulls Vishal’s leg again by saying that he is not seen inside the house.

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz says that Kashmira has entered the house with a full ‘goon’ touch. Sidharth goes and conveys the same to Kashmira which the latter agrees. She then says that Vishal should also cut his hair just like Arti did. Later on, she says that many housemates haven’t met her to which Sidharth says that they might be afraid of her. Sidharth, Arti and Kashmira have a discussion about where Arti has gone wrong in the game. Kashmira asks Paras to bring back his game as he has become weak because of his love for someone.

Kashmira also asks Arti to stop explaining things to Rashami as the latter also has backstabbed her. She asks her to stay with Sidharth who supports her and to play her game well.

Asim says that he loves Himanshi a lot and indirectly says that he does not want to continue his connection with someone who is already outside.

Meanwhile, Sidharth asks Kashmira how is Shehnaaz looking outside the house. Shehnaaz then says that someone might enter the house in her support too. Kashmira tells Shehnaaz that sometimes the latter looks fake outside the house. When being asked about the same, Kashmira says that she will tell her when she wants too. Shehnaaz says that she is not fake at all post which she gets irked at Sidharth and walks away. Sidharth tries to calm her down post which Shehnaaz says that everything has started with him. Kashmira asks Rashami, Vishal and others about Shehnaaz’s feelings for Sidharth. She says that her feelings are totally fake after how she behaved with Kartik Aaryan and Gautam Gulati.

Kashmira says that ‘SidNaaz’ has become ‘FakeNaaz’ outside the house. Shehnaaz tells Sidharth that she wants to stay alone for some time post which she breaks down inside the bathroom. Sidharth tries to explain things to Shehnaaz following which she says that she is upset that Bigg Boss has not wished her on her birthday. They get involved in an argument thereafter.

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