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Bigg Boss 13, Day 118, Jan 26: Street Dancer 3D team graces show; Shefali Jariwala evicted

Sidharth ends up being the second member of the Elite Club. After some time, Salman announces that Shefali Jariwala has been evicted from the house.

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Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 starts with Street Dancer 3D actor Varun Dhawan meeting and greeting Salman Khan. Varun then asks Salman how he prepares for the episode. The superstar says that he watches the episodes before interacting with the housemates. He also says that sometimes he comes one day earlier to shoot for the same. The rest of the cast from Street Dancer 3D secretly watch the contestants from outside the house. Some of them also check the stage and pass hilarious comments.

Varun and Raghav also go to meet Salman’s makeup man and interact with him. After some time, Salman Khan enters the stage and greets everyone. He informs that Mahira, Vishal and Asim are safe and says that one among the other nominated housemates is going to be evicted. Thereafter, he enters the BB house through Mi TV. Salman asks everyone who is going to be evicted from the house according to them. He then gives them another luxury budget task post which Shehnaaz is sent to the confession room while others have to give answers related to her. They will also get a luxury budget item for every correct answer.

They end up giving five correct answers and one wrong answer. Salman then says that Shehnaaz entertains everyone inside the house despite being a flipper. He also pulls Rashami’s leg by cracking a joke related to her house keys. Salman then shows a glimpse of how the Street Dancer 3D team entered the house and had fun with the housemates. Varun informs them that people outside are loving everyone. He then says hilariously that by coincidence he knows both Sidharth and Asim. The actor also says that Sidharth is a genuine person and that he tries to be funny at times.

Post that, Asim mimics Hrithik Roshan and Shehnaaz sings a Hindi song for the Street Dancer 3D team. Thereafter, everyone plays musical chair but the twist here is that the housemates are blindfolded. Mahira ends up winning the task. Thereafter, Remo D’Souza enters the house and gives them another task for Elite Club membership. Two housemates each are called and asked to break the clock of one of the housemates whose time they think is over in the house.

Rashami and Vishal take Shefali’s name, Paras and Mahira take Shehnaaz’s name, Arti and Shefali take Rashami’s name, Shehnaaz and Sidharth take Vishal’s name. Sidharth, Paras, Arti and Mahira win the candidature for the Elite Club. Post that, the Street Dancer 3D team leaves the house and greets Salman Khan on the stage.

Thereafter, they get involved in some fun banter. Few of them also dance to the tune of some amazing songs. Post that, Salman enters the house through Me TV again along with Remo, Shraddha and Varun. Thereafter, the rest of the team also greets the housemates. Varun and others teach the housemates the special hook step of a song from their movie which leaves everyone in splits.

The housemates including Sidharth, Paras and others are asked to do the same step which leaves everyone in splits. The stage is set on fire when Salman Khan also does the hook step. Post that, they take leave from everyone. He then introduces another guest from one of the shows from the channel to the housemates. Another task is conducted among the housemates in which they have to answer some questions related to their fellow housemates.

Thereafter, the Elite Club task is held between Sidharth, Mahira, Paras and Arti in which they have to spin a wheel and answer certain questions. An audience poll is held and at last, Sidharth ends up being the second member of the Elite Club. After some time, Salman announces that Shefali Jariwala has been evicted from the house. Post that, the housemates start discussing about different topics including Vishal getting more votes than Rashami. Finally, Salman informs the audience about the entry of the family members of the housemates into the BB house this week.

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