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Bigg Boss 13, Day 117, Jan 25: Salman Khan gives an earful to Sidharth and Asim

Salman talks about Sidharth and Asim’s eagerness to face each other outside the BB house.

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Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Salman Khan talking about the ongoing chaos in the house. He then talks about Himesh Reshammiya’s entry in the BB house. To note, the morning began with a song by Himesh as the renowned singer gives a surprise visit to the housemates while they were asleep. He was in the house to promote his movie Happy Hardy and Heer. Himesh asks Mahira to make a cup of tea for him and asks Rashami Desai to bring the tea leaves she had hidden.
This revelation came as a surprise for everyone in the house. Himesh Reshammiya gives some fun tasks to the contestants including the laughter therapy. He then divides the housemates into two teams – team Sidharth and team Asim – and asks them to make sugarcane juice.
While team Sidharth wins the task, they get jalebi and fafda as the winning gift. Sidharth taunts Rashami about hiding tea leaves and Asim comes in her defence. Later Sidharth and Shehnaaz get into an argument after she calls Shefali ‘sher’ of the house. Shehnaaz asks Sidharth to stay away from her and not to interfere in her matters. On the other hand, Sidharth asks her he isn’t bothered about her warnings. Sidharth and Asim take jibes at each other and talks about facing each other post the show. Later, Himesh joins Salman on the stage and lauds the show. He talks tells Salman about the tealeaves incident and the duo have a laugh over it. The duo also croons some songs together.

Salman then talks about the issues going on in the house. He begins with Vishal getting up from the horse during the BB Elite Club task. He also takes a funny jibe at him being hit by ex-flame Madhurima Tuli last week. Salman asks Asim if he saw Vishal getting up from the horse. While Vishal agrees, Asim says he didn’t see it. Vishal defends his act in front of Salman.

The Dabangg 3 star also talks about the ‘makdi’ task and about Vishal’s confused sanchalan. He also tells him that his friends in the house find him as a weak contestant. In fact, he even questions Rashami if she finds Vishal strong, to which she replies that she finds him weak in her comparison. While Vishal agrees to this, he feels it will be a tie when he will be compared to Asim. Salman then gives breaking news to Rashami and reveals Vishal received more votes than her and is safe from elimination this week. Calling it a wake-up call for Rashami, Salman asks her to worry about her game.

Later Salman talks about Sidharth and Asim’s eagerness to face each other outside the BB house. He tells them that he is opening the door and fulfil their wish and come back if they are in the condition to return. Sidharth gets up and asks Asim to come up. But the latter says he doesn’t want to fight with him and puts the blame on Sidharth. He even says that Sidharth isn’t considered about his career. Salman slams Asim for his statements against Sidharth and the Balika Vadhu actor is eager to fight him. Since Asim doesn’t wasn’t to fight him, Salman asks him to sit down. Sidharth talks about his issues with Asim and says he gets onto his nerves. Asim intervenes with another allegation against him and the two get into an argument.

Salman gives an earful to Sidharth about talking about Asim’s father. The superstar asked Sidharth that he shouldn’t be saying such demeaning words for anyone’s family. Paras also slams Asim for talking about his family. Soon, Asim, Sidharth, Paras gets into an argument. Salman warns Asim and Sidharth about talking ill about anyone’s family failing which the duo will be kicked out with instant effect. He also tells Sidharth that he will be shocked to see his performance on the show. Next, Asim comes on Salman’s radar again and lashes him out for his frequent tiffs with Sidharth. While Asim claims he has been controlling his anger, Salman clears that he has been failing it terribly. He slams him about calling Parag Tyagi a ‘nalla’. Salman loses his calm with the ongoing arguments and said that everybody in the house is wrong.

He even warned the housemates about not discussing the Weekend Ka Vaar matters latter else he will not let the particular contestant to be a part of the show. He even threatened to leave the show as well. Meanwhile, Salman praises Arti for her good game in the house and states that she is going on the correct path. On the other hand, Salman also slams Asim for commenting against Shefali with ‘aisi servant’ and takes a jibe at Rashami for not taking a stand for the lady.
Now it’s time about the discussion over fixed deposit conversation. Asim defends himself about it and soon Sidharth speaks about how it all started. Then Shefali reveals she heard the word from Arhaan after he used it for Shehnaaz and Arti. Rashami reveals that the term fixed deposit was invented by Vishal and Salman questions the housemates why it is being taken in a negative sense.

Shehnaaz soon intervenes saying Sidharth has been commenting about her personal life and stated that she has absconded from her house. Sidharth defended that it was the Punjabi singer who commented on her personal relationships first. Before this issue is sorted, Asim and Sidharth get into a heated argument. Salman clarifies that the term fixed deposit is being misunderstood in the house. Later, Sidharth claims that Arti is being linked up with him in the house. Salman asks Asim to watch out his attitude in the house. On the other hand, the latter once again claims Sidharth is still poking him.
Salman slams the housemates for showing themselves in the bad light on national television. Later, Arti tries to mend her ties with Rashami over the fixed deposit issue. Mahira congratulates Vishal for receiving higher votes that Rashami. Shehnaaz expresses her surprise to Rashami about Sidharth going against her. Sidharth once again clarifies Shehnaaz that he doesn’t want to be in touch with her and the two get into an argument. Sidharth gets into a discussion with Paras about Salman giving him a chance to have a face-off with Asim. Shefali is satisfied that Asim got an earful from Salman over his attitude and arrogance.

Salman Khan welcomes Jawaani Jaaneman stars Alaya F and Saif Ali Khan on the stage. The superstars also congratulated Saif over the success of Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. Saif reveals his mother in law Babita is a big fan of Bigg Boss 13. Housemates are happy to see Saif and Alaya on stage with Salman.

Arti reveals that Mahira is a big fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan and the latter admits that she wants to follow Bebo’s footsteps. Salman takes a witty jibe at Mahira’s statement. Later, Saif gives a fun task to Sidharth and Asim. Salman then takes a funny jibe at Vishal for his confused sanchalan and asks him to chose the winner between the two. Later Saif declares it is a tie.
Before the beginning the next task, Salman lauds Arti’s sportsmanship for her willingness to chop her hair during the BB Elite Club task. It’s a tie again between Vishal, Shehnaaz, and Arti. Now it’s time for the caller of the week and it was for Shehnaaz. The caller questioned about Shehnaaz not supporting Sidharth during the tasks. Salman announces that Mahira and Asim are safe from eliminations this week.
Shehnaaz jokes to Rashami about not to link her name with Sidharth which irritates the latter. Paras and Sidharth talks about Shehnaaz games and believe the fans are understanding her game. Shehnaaz, Arti and Shefali discuss elimination and the Punjab singer feels she is concerned about Rashami and Shefali. On the other hand, Paras is worried about elimination and tells Mahira that he wants to be eliminated before her. Shehnaaz later tries explaining her game to Shefali and Arti and says that she has a vibe with Sidharth. She also talks about what went wrong with Sidharth. Shefali defends Sidharth and tries explaining his point of view. Paras and Mahira talk about Shehnaaz’s flipping nature and then Salman bids good night.
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