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Action packed comedy TV show ‘Trideviyaan’ launched

IANS | New Delhi |

A TV show, “Trideviyaan”, a concoction of comedy and action, launched here on Friday.
The TV show’s makers aim to educate Indian audiences that besides being homemakers, Indian women can be something else too.
“Trideviyan” revolves around a father-in-law and three women – one daughter and two daughters-in-law — who besides running a normal household and family, are secret agents. They handle goons single-handedly and fight to save the country.
The Sony SAB show features actors Rituraj Singh, Anshul Trivedi, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Samaira Rao, Shalini Sahuta, Winy Tripathi, Charu Rohtagi and Dhruvee Haldankar.
“Our story is not just about agents. We are trying to say that our country has families where women apart from being homemakers can be somebody else and have a profession. Somebody apart from being a mother or daughter… why is that still not being understood by people? If you take it to that extent that these girls can be undercover agents, people will notice,” Rituraj told IANS.
Sonali Jaffar, Producer, Full House Entertainment, said that the concept of the show is “very progressive as we are showing the characters of three leading actresses managing their household and resolving national conflicts together”. 
The show will premiere on November 15.