Netflix India has been approached by Netflix Indonesia for a special task.

The streaming giant bumped into a short clip of a film and it seems that they are pretty psyched out after watching it. Out of the entire mainstream cinema, the film that Netflix Indonesia is looking for frantically is a Telugu action film.

The fascination with the film started after the video showed a unique action sequence. In the video, that is going viral, a cop could be seen destroying the goons with his ‘mighty weapon’- hold your breath, ‘A peeled banana.’

Netflix Indonesia took to Twitter and shared the video and demanded the whole film. “Help @NetflixIndia we need to watch this entire movie NOW,” the tweet read.

Netflix India replied with a very fitting pun to the tweet. “OMG this. Is. Bananas. 10/10 would watch a sequel to The Night Comes for Us with only fruit as weapons,” they wrote in a tweet.

While they were on the search for the film, Twitter users made their job easy by leading them to it. They didn’t stop there and went on to share a few more clips of the film starring Sampurnesh Babu.