Shilpa Shetty has been setting fitness goals for her fans since forever. The 44-year-old is also quite active on social media and keeps posting regular fitness mantras and photographs from her daily routine.

Her latest update on Instagram is no exception. In a video that Shilpa shared, the fitness enthusiast is seen recreating the iconic Marylin Monroe’s flying dress pose, only that the wind on the cruise is uncontrollable and the moment isn’t replicated exactly.

Shetty is seen in an orange printed Kaftaan dress in the clip.She shared the video along with a post that read, “My ‘Marilyn Monroe’ moment on the cruise wasn’t exactly a breeze. Please watch till the end.”

The video already had 18 lakh views on Instagram.

Recently, Shilpa was on vacation with her family. She also shared some memorable photographs from the family album. Among many she also shared workout videos from her holiday, one with a caption that read, “You don’t stop brushing or eating on a holiday so why stop working out!Make Fitness a “WAY”of life , not a “WHY” in life and I practice what I preach..”