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Shania Twain: ‘Now’ not about divorce

IANS | Los Angeles |


 Singer Shania Twain says Now is not a divorce album.

Now is Twain’s fifth album, her first in 15 years since the release of Up! in November 2002.

Twain went through a highly-publicized split in 2008 with Mutt Lange, who was allegedly having an affair with Marie-Anne Thiébauld, Twain’s assistant and best friend at the time.

Twain heard the news from Marie-Anne’s then-husband Frederic Thiébaud. After connecting through the ordeal, Twain and Frederic married in 2011.

“Being a celebrity and getting divorced is always going to be a highlight in every celebrity’s life if they have a divorce. The album does not highlight the divorce,” Twain told

“I just think in people’s minds, that is my highlight low but in perspective now and during the process of writing the album, I was reflecting more on my whole life and all of the ups and downs of my whole life, there have been many ups and downs.”

Twain added: “And much greater lows than a divorce, even though that divorce is always very difficult and it’s very painful, but you know I mean my parents dying… and just all kinds of devastation that put divorce into perspective for me.

“And that really did help make this not a divorce album and it really helped me focus on perspective and clarity and the reality of ups and downs in all of our lives.”

Twain was diagnosed with Lyme Disease which affected her vocal chords. But through it all, Twain says that writing music has been “therapy” for her.