Rakhi Sawant’s Controversial Relationships

Rakhi Sawant is renowned for her off-screen presence. Presently, her matrimony with Adil Khan Durrani is grabbing the spotlight. Historically…

Rakhi Sawant’s Controversial Relationships

Rakhi Sawant is renowned for her off-screen presence. Presently, her matrimony with Adil Khan Durrani is grabbing the spotlight. Historically as well, she has consistently remained a focal point of media attention due to her romantic associations. Let’s delve into the details of Rakhi Sawant’s Controversial Relationships.

Problems in their Marriage – Adil Durrani

This relationship has had a lot of dramatic moments, to the point where people are unsure what to believe. Not too long ago, Rakhi cried in front of the media, saying that Adil was not admitting they got married in July last year. She said, “I got married to Adil in July last year after three months of knowing him. We had a nikah ceremony and a court marriage. Since he stopped me from disclosing it, I remained tightlipped for the past seven months. Now he isn’t acknowledging our marriage.”

Within a span of two days, Adil accepted the marriage, and the couple created a video together in which he mentioned, “I never stated that I am not married to you, Rakhi. It’s just that I needed to deal with a few matters, so I decided to stay silent.”


The story kicked off in June of the previous year when Rakhi initiated a video call with Adil during a public event, revealing their romantic involvement. Adil, who is six years younger than Rakhi, reportedly gave her a car as a gesture, which marked the beginning of their dating journey.

Subsequently, they were frequently seen together, capturing the attention of photographers. They even collaborated on a music video. However, even during this time, there was no shortage of dramatic incidents. Around November 2022, Rakhi accused Adil of physically harming her, but later she retracted the claim, stating it wasn’t accurate.

Rakhi’s Husband – Ritesh

For a long time, she consistently shared with everyone that she was wedded to an individual named Ritesh. Eventually, she joined the Bigg Boss 15 reality show’s house around two years ago, accompanied by a person she introduced as Ritesh. However, it was subsequently discovered that he was already married and had children! Shortly after the show concluded, Rakhi separated from Ritesh, citing his undisclosed children as a reason, something she hadn’t known about previously.

Staged drama with Deepak Kalal:

Yet another attention-grabbing move occurred during a press conference in 2018, where she declared her intention to marry comedian Deepak Kalal. Naturally, her statement was met with skepticism, and over time, Deepak and Rakhi’s relationship soured. This led them to exchange criticisms on social media, making it one of Rakhi Sawant’s controversial relationships.

Rakhi slapped her partner Abhishek Awasthi:

Years back, Rakhi Sawant was in a relationship with actor Abhishek Awasthi. The former couple even appeared on the dance reality show Nach Baliye 3 together. However, their relationship came to an unhappy conclusion. In 2011, on Valentine’s Day, Rakhi publicly slapped Abhishek when she discovered he was being unfaithful to her.

Rakhi Ka Swayamwar:

Around 2009, Rakhi’s Self-Choice Marriage happened on TV screens nationwide. During this reality show, she encountered NRI Elesh Parujanwala, who became the selected partner. Yet, after a few months, the duo split, attributing it to compatibility problems. This turn of events led to speculations that the entire show had been scripted.