Whether it’s the Shor in the City or the first of its kind Go Goa Gone, directors Raj and DK, have made their mark in the industry. And now they are back with their latest action packed film, A Gentleman, which features Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez.

In an exclusive interview to thestatesman.com, the directors reveal what makes the film different from other typical Bollywood action films, about the mistaken identity crisis, the casting and their further plans after A Gentleman.

A Gentleman is a film, where fans can expect a complete dosage of action and comedy.

“Our plan was to make an action film which is original and unique, like Lethal Weapon, we all watched that kind of movies while growing up. Our film is not an out an out action movie with unnecessary action like explosions, speed chases and all, it’s more realistic with grounded action which looks sensible with a good finesse,” Raj says.

Sidharth’s character is more relatable to Jason Bourne than James Bond!

“As Raj said, this is a grounded action movie, we wanted more of realistic action which appeals the audience and yes Sid’s character is more like Jason Bourne than James Bond! Reason being there is more hand-to-hand combats and action sequence which looks real rather than the scenario where gadgets, big guns and special effects play a key role in the film,” DK says.

It’s still a double role in its unique way!

“Whatever the people are saying is true and whatever the people are not saying is also true! See we wanted to make an action film which is unique, so we had to introduce the double roles in a unique way,” DK says.


“We came up with the angle of mistaken identity. This is still a double role film as here is the sweet and homely Gaurav, and the risky Rishi, these are two separate worlds, which are completely opposite to each other,” Raj adds.

The directors seem confident about their choice of casting for the lead pair, Sidharth and Jacqueline!

“I think they are perfect! We wanted to make a young, cool, action comedy film. Any of these boxes can be ticked by both of these actors as they are young, good looking and fit. Both have put a lot of efforts in perfecting their characters,” DK says.

Raj feels the chemistry between the actors is one of the reasons A Gentleman is expected to be one of the coolest action movies in the genre.

“It’s a great combination, Sid and Jacqueline, two young and fit actors, who are work-driven and look really cool whenever we see them in songs, posters or even on interviews! I really like their chemistry and it was a blast to work with them. They have justified their characters,” Raj claims.

Suniel Shetty is the “icing on the cake” in the film.

“It was a special memory to work with Suniel sir, one of the biggest action icons of the 90s. He agreed to do a special appearance in the film as he found it cool. We wanted someone that the fans can relate to that okay he’s the bad guy and Suniel sir best suited the description with his all new look!” Raj says.

“It’s a cameo but a pivotal role in the movie and the way sir played the role added more authenticity to our action film. He’s like the icing on the cake for our film!” DK adds.

The directors, who are eagerly waiting for the response from the fans, promise a complete dosage of action-comedy this Friday.

“Our film is a complete dosage of action and comedy, with sensible action and comedy. You can expect a full on entertainment package to be served this Friday. We hope everyone likes the film and the die-hard fans of the genre, action, will be suprised to see the level of action in the film!” DK says.

A Gentleman is all set to release worldwide on August 25.