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Pawan Kalyan’s fans troll ex-wife Renu Desai for considering re-marriage, actress hits back

SNS | New Delhi |

South Indian actress Renu Desai was recently trolled by her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan’s fans on social media. The actress in a recent interview expressed her desire to get re-married, and the public’s altercation to her statement was just not what she had expected it to be like.

Renu had posted a link of her interview and had mentioned in the caption that she is hoping to find her true love and settling down with him. The actress wrote, “Thank you so much for the love you all give me. thank you for watching the interview and the positive comments and wishes for me starting my new life and blessing me to get married again soon. May God bless you all with lots of love and peace.”

Little did she know that she was inviting trouble for herself. However, being an independent modern day woman, she fought it out valiantly on social media and didn’t let such blatant comments affect her.

The furious fans of Pawan Kalyan flodded her timeline with all sort of cringe-worthy comments like, “Madam Renu garuu meeru Mana Kalyan babu life partner ga vundaka poyina as a Mom of those two kids you should not take that type of decisions.”

There were few who started preaching her about how Pawan Kalyan’s political life would be ruined if she took such a step. “Plezzzz don’t marry again I leads to pawan kalyan political life. But u r spoiling pawan kalyan political life Plezzzz don’t marry again.”

After being trolled by the haters, Renu gave a befitting reply to them on Facebook itself. The post read, “This post is not about me personally, but when I read such comments, I wonder what sort of society we live in?”

She wrote about herself being worried about living in a society with such mindset. “On one hand, we are talking about gender equality, women empowerment, security from rapes and on the other hand, when I expressed that I’ve been lonely for seven years, and would be happy to have a partner, I started receiving these hate messages,” her post read.

The actress seemed to be quite miffed with the big hype that her post created on social media and among fans.

Renu got married to Pawan Kalyan in 2009, after dating him for some time. Their marriage lasted for almost four years and then they headed for a divorce in 2013. The couple has a son Akira and daughter named Aadhya.

Pawan Kalyan, who is a big name in Southern cinema and a political figure, has been married three times.