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NFAI to host European Union Film Festival 2018

SNS | New Delhi |

European cinema is very rich in narrative and known for their stylistic experimentation with genres, and has always attracted moviebuffs. Now, National Film Archive of India (NFAI) is thrilled to host European Union Film Festival 2018 from July 6 to July 12.

Film festivals have become a platform for many unacknowledged films to get the their due attention among cinegoers. The festival is not just a powerful tools for exchanging ideas but also serves as a network across the world, overcoming the barriers of language.

Along with fresh and engaging stories Film festivals invite the viewers to bask in the specific local environment the films are set in. In the past, we have seen numerous films from across the globe getting a standing ovation from the people present in attendance which indicates toward a theatrical run for the film.

The NFAI & European Union Delegation to India are proud to present this amazing opportunity to catch the modern European films on the big screen, and thus provide a window to the culture of European countries. This is in pursuance of the objectives of NFAI to showcase a variety of films from different parts of the world

Opening with the acclaimed French film 9 Month Stretch, the seven days festival will feature almost 24 films all belonging to member countries of the European Union, from a variety of genres such as romance, drama and comedy. The broad selection of films will surely be a treat to all moviebuffs looking to explore the treasures of European cinema.

The opening ceremony will take place on July 6, 5:15 pm at NFAI, main auditorium and the closing ceremony will take place on July 12. Labyrinthus will be followed by a master class with its director Douglas Boswell.

The films being screened at NFAI have already won awards and appreciation at various international festivals.