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Zayn Malik receives backlash for Gigi Hadid defense 


Singer Zayn Malik has been slammed by fans after he defended his girlfriend Gigi Hadid's alleged racist act on social media.

Gigi was accused of being racist after a video showing her seemingly mocking Asian people surfaced online. In the video, the Victoria's Secret Angel could be seen holding up a cookie depicting the face of Buddha, before mimicking the face on the cookie by squinting her eyes.

A Twitter user later asked Zayn, "@zaynmalik being of Asian descent, how do you feel about your girlfriend making fun of Asian people?" 

The 23-year-old singer replied, "Trust me.. she likes asians." 

After being hit with backlash, Zayn returned to Twitter on Tuesday, writing, "People's nerve to call me ignorant, when any chance they get I'm a terrorist!! to be a racist goes against my very existence. So please don't try to educate me." 

Some users, however, weren't happy with Zayn's posts. A user commented, "We know you experience racism but to experience racism doesn't mean you can let other people's racism slide like it's nothing." 

Another person wrote, "You only talk about racism when it benefits you/people you know. Speak up on EVERYONE'S issues or just stay mute."