Singer Nicola Roberts' ex-boyfriend has been issued with a lifelong restraining order, after bombarding the Girls Aloud star with threatening messages over a five-year period.

Former soldier Carl Davies was arrested in February this year after Nicola reported his abuse when he turned his vile attentions to her friend, R n' B singer Joel Compass, according to Daily Mirror.

“The messages he sent reminded me of all the terrible things that happened when we were together. It was only really last year when he started threatening my friend that I realised things couldn't go on and I reported it to the police,” Nicola, 31, said.

“I feel safe in my own home knowing he can't get to me. I am worried for when Carl gets out and when he access again to a mobile phone.”

Davies set up 35 fake social media accounts to harass the star and admitted “one count of stalking and another count of persistent use of public communication network to cause annoyance or inconvenience”.

Although he was given a 15-month prison sentence, it was suspended for two years, allowing him to be released from jail immediately after his trial ended on Friday.

However, he was given a life-time restraining order, ordering him not to contact Nicola, Compass, or go within 250 metres of her or her family.