Cervical cancer is among the top two causes of cancer-related deaths among women in India. On that account, an upcoming theatre event here will see its proceeds go for the cause of increasing awareness and knowledge about the disease.

According to a report published in the Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology, near about 132,000 women in India are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 74,000 lose their battle to the disease each year, accounting to nearly one-third of the global cervical cancer deaths. 

Medical Practitioners believe that cervical cancer is completely preventable and the most effective way to reduce its occurrence in India is by creating awareness.

The musical show, to be organised by the cancer awareness organization CAPED, is based on the story of four strong women, who are bold, independent and live life on their own terms.

The play I Have A Dream has been directed by Ritu R. Chandra, who has displayed an inclination towards creating theatre with a cause, and has been associated with several theatrical endeavours that contribute to social causes. 

The show will be staged from April 7 to 9 at Apparel House, here. 

It is an adaption of the 2008 musical Mama Mia which incorporates the melodious and upbeat songs of the ABBA pop group. Its story is inspired by the simple philosophy of 'live and let live'. 

"Despite being largely preventable through a vaccine and Pap smear tests, cervical cancer continues to claim thousands of lives in India. Unfortunately, most women, even highly-educated ones, lack awareness or motivation about these preventive measures," CAPED Chief Operations Officer Mridu Gupta said. 

"We often tend to believe this disease will never strike us until it does. We need multiple campaigns and awareness measures to educate people about cervical cancer prevention and early detection," she said.

"Through this play, we wish to spread the awareness of cervical cancer to our audience. This initiative of ours, seeks to engage with a much larger audience that ever before," she added.