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Madonna is amazing: Zac Efron

IANS | Los Angeles |

It seems Zac Efron has a star crush on Madonna. The actor says the singer is amazing and captivating.

Efron appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to promote Baywatch, which also stars Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. He opened up about the night he hung out with Madonna at an MMA fight at Madison Square Garden, reports

Efron noted Madonna was "legit into the fight" and "having the time of her life". 

When host Jimmy Kimmel asked, "Is it possible that she was trying to have sex with you? Madonna is an irresistible person. When she sets her sights on someone, there's no escaping", Efron said he "couldn't confirm or deny" Madonna's potential motives.

The 29-year-old actor said: "I'll tell you one thing — Madonna was lovely. She is amazing. She just is amazing. She's rad. I guess you can say she tapped me." 

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is aired in India on Star World and Star World HD.