Hip-hop star Lil Wayne cut his gig at Garden City in Idaho short after someone threw beer at him.

The Lollipop hitmaker was in the middle of belting out the lyrics to his hit A Milli on Sunday, when he was pelted with a bottle of booze by a crowd member, which made him storm off stage, reported TMZ.

The incident was captured on camera and, although he wasn't directly hit by the bottle, he did seem to have some splash marks over his clothes when he walked off.

The crowd broke out into boos but Wayne made it clear that he wasn't prepared to put up with that type of behaviour.

He told the audience, “Now look, let me tell you something. I don't know if you thought I was a buster, but I'm rich, so I can't throw nothing back, but watch this. Goon Squad, come here… Throw that back at them…

“Show over, man. Those in the building just ruined y'all time. Show over.”