Singer Lana Del Rey says she had a wonderful time collaborating with Stevie Nicks on her upcoming album, Lust For Life and says she is everything one would dream her to be.

The 31-year-old songstress says she feels fortunate to have the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman on the track "Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems" from her new LP, reported Harper's Bazaar.

"She (Nicks) was amazing. She was everything you hope she's gonna be. She's so contemporary, and she knows all the new music that's out weekly. She loved the track and she added so much to it," says Lana.

The High By The Beach singer says she always felt the album needed another female voice.

"I kind of thought I had finished the record a couple of times, and then one of those times I really felt like I wanted a woman on the record.

"I was talking to my producer, Rick Nowels, about who would be great to get on the record, and we both could only come up with Stevie," says Lana.