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Did George Michael sense his death?


Late singer George Michael knew his days were numbered and was ready to get his affairs in order, claims Simeon Niel-Asher, a physician who worked with him for over 30 years.

Niel-Asher treated Michael, 53, at his Highgate mansion in north London just three weeks before his death. Michael was found dead on Christmas Day last year.

The physician and close friend said he believed the singer had accepted his mortality, reports 

Niel-Asher said: "When I last saw him he was in good spirits. It was a beautiful last session. We had a really weird conversation, it was interesting and it was strange.

"Sometimes people know they are going to die and they get everything in order. I wonder if there was a bit of that going on, like he somehow knew. It was strange to think he might have known he was going to die or had some kind of inkling. That happens. Some people know they are going to die and I've seen it before.

"In many ways, I thought he was waking up and I saw him coming alive again, maybe the last flash of the candle."

Despite the intense session, the osteopath says they laughed and Michael didn't mind being teased about his ballooning weight.