Canadian DJ Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman is now married to his girlfriend Kelly Fedoni.

The popular 36-year-old DJ got married in a ceremony that included pyrotechnics in backyard by the swimming pool.

Known for his Mickey Mouse’s head and ears logo, Thomas Zimmerman posted on Instagram a series of photographs leading up to his “Mr and Mrs Grill” portrait with his new wife.

He also posted an image of his bride getting her makeup done.

“So before I go… here’s the last shot of non married grill. Here we go,” he captioned.

The musician additionally shared an image of his friends with the caption: “All the best men. Calm before the storm.”

He also teased the bright display he prepared for the big day.

“Everything is fine,” he captioned his post which had balls of fire were shooting up high into the sky, hinting at the pyrotechnics.