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Anamika, reincarnated

Entering the Indian pop music scene with ‘Catwalk’ in the year 1996, Grover feels that only improved in the past few decades. “The reach has gone better unlike the previous times.

IANS | New Delhi |

Remember the massively popular ‘Kala Sha Kala’, ‘Kahi Karta Hoga Intezaar’, ‘Sona Disda’ — the numbers that grooved an entire generation in the 90’s? Well, singer Anamika Grover is all set to re-release her old classics to introduce youngsters to her music now. “But I’m not going to disappoint my fans who have loved my music all these years, and will give these new songs my ‘old tadka’,” she smiles.

Entering the Indian pop music scene with ‘Catwalk’ in the year 1996, Grover feels that only improved in the past few decades. “The reach has gone better, unlike the previous times. The digital reach is excellent today. I feel the best part about the times we live in is the fact that you can promote your music in a bigger way. However, one feels sad that pop-music which was more popular in those days has now faded with Bollywood music, though the latter picked up after the pop music that we did in those times.”

Grover, who is trained in both Indian as well as Western Classical music feels that the same has helped her immensely as the former taught her to hit the right note, while the latter helped her understand how to stimulate the voice, giving it variations and modulations. “Indian classical was of course the base from which I started my singing career. Later, I decided to enhance it with western training, considering I am quite fond of singing international songs. And yes, I might do an international number soon.”

The singer who has joined ‘Bolo Indya’ to promote her new album #Ferrareee says that she wanted to reach a larger audience, and the micro creators led strategy provided by Bolo Indya across vernacular languages drives word of mouth like messaging for artists, making them more connected to its audiences. “I am loving the engagement level at Bolo Indya. During a recent 15 minute live session, I witnessed over 20k people were following and Live with me.”

The singer, whose two upcoming songs – ‘Shalalala’ and ‘Chak De Dhol’ are almost ready says that although she realises the power of social media when it comes to promoting music, she is someone who prefers to keep her social media activities very personal and takes it slow. I am not going to go very aggressive or stressed on what and what not to post.

“I understand it is a powerful tool, but I am not stressing myself. I handle my own Instagram, Facebook and now Bolo India. I interact with my fans personally and that’s how it keeps me connected and I will continue to do that.”

Grover, who prepared a song last year for the UN and Michelle Obama’s World Peace campaign based on women empowerment, says that she is going to work on it again. “We could not launch it owing to the lockdown. I will now send them a new version.”