Bollywood is going through a great phase now, with new genres getting more recognition than the existing ones. Creativity is given more importance than anything else. Art films are viewed at par with commercial ones. The latest in the line being Vikrammaditya Motwane’s Trapped which stars national award winning actor Rajkummar Rao.

Actor Rajkummar Rao, who has created magic with his performances in Shahid and Aligarh spoke about his journey, his character in Trapped and a lot more in an exclusive interview to

Talking about his journey in Bollywood, the 32-year old actor said, “I am very fortunate to be here, god has been really kind to me as I have got a chance to do such amazing films and work with such great actors."

"I've grown with every film and I hope that things get better and better,” he said.

Counted among the most promising actors, Rajkummar feels happy about the way audiences feel about him.

“I am really happy to know that the audience has so much faith in me,” he said.

The actor then disclosed that he cannot work under any kind of pressure. “I cannot work under any kind of pressure, I just give my best and wait for good things to happen,” he said.

He also makes sure to read every script that he receives and gives it a nod only when he feels connected to the script.

Survival has been an unexplored genre in Indian cinema and this is the first time that a film is being made on this genre. While shooting the film, the actor had to undergo a lot of physical transformation and even had a bizarre diet plan.

“Yes, I was on black coffee and carrot diet for several days as my character too in the film was surviving on these two things,” the actor said.

On being asked about the aftereffects of the diet, he said, “Yes it was difficult as on some days I use to blackout completely and it would take time for me to normalise.”

The Aligarh actor not only changed his diet plan but slit his finger and gave his blood for a particular scene where his character was required to write a note with his own blood.

Rajkummar, whose film Aligarh and Shahid has born the wrath of the CBFC, expressed his displeasure over the way the film board functions in India.

“It is sad the way it functions here, according to me the audience should be left to decide what they want to watch and what they don’t want. It is entirely up to them whether they want to watch a particular film. Let them be the decision-makers. What happened with Udta Punjab is really unfortunate,“ he shared.

Rajkummar, who was born in Gurgaon and is a Delhi University graduate, believes that the industry is good to outsiders. “I don’t think an outsider is ill-treated in the industry. In fact, it is great to be a part of this industry at this point of time.I was an outsider and today here I am giving interviews about the film,“ said the Guragon born actor.

Although he has a very quiet demeanor, when it comes to expressing his views, the actor doesn’t mince his words,

“There is favoritism but as long as there is great talent on screen one shouldn’t have a problem. If favoritism is there for some really talented people then I don’t mind as I am very happy seeing great talent on screen but if it is there for someone who is not worthy then it is a problem,“ the actor said.

Talking about the kind of movies he looks forward to doing, the actor said,” I am looking forward to every kind of role that is offered to me. I don’t wish to be typecast and I want to explore every genre.” On being asked whether he would do a Dharma Productions kind of love story, the gleeful actor replied, “Yes! Why not? I will definitely do it if it is offered to me.”