He tickles your funny bone with his one-liners, his sarcastic undertones are to die for. From being just a stand-up comedian to being the host of one of CW's popular shows, Ryan Stiles has come a long way. As the comedian brings in his 58th birthday on 22 April, here are five interesting things about America's most loved comedian.

1) Ryan is not just the host of his popular TV show but also a producer on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" He wasn't just one of the regular performers, but also credited as an executive producer alongside host Drew Carey.

2) Stiles has been a part of an Academy Award-nominated film. Which is also Stiles' first credited acting appearance in the movie Rainbow War, a film created for the 1986 World's Fair in Vancouver.

3) Ryan has a fetish for footwear and most of his shoes are custommade. Although he has been mocked at several times for his obsession about his clothes and his shoes, the comedian doesn't stop adding new items to his collection!

4) He has also appeared in ads like the Nike's famous 1994 baseball ads.Not just that, Stiles benign presence was also felt in ads for Kinko's, KFC, Playskool, Pizza Hut, Progressive insurance and Zaxby's.

5) Ryan has also lived in a house owned by a flamboyant performer, Liberace in California. He later sold it and moved to Washington, where he currently lives with his wife Patricia and their three children.