As women saftey becomes a matter of serious concern to the society following the increasing number of crime against women across the country, Taapsee Pannu wants to spread awareness among girls and women of the biggest weapon to safeguard themselves.

The actress feels that "the biggest weapon every female has for her safety is herself", and is keen on teaching kudo to wowmen, sources close to her said.

Taapsee, who is playing a role of an undercover agent in her new release Naam Shabana, wants to highlight the importance of self-defence for women.

The actress is keen on teaching kudo to women, and is looking forward to teach the basics of the martial art kudo, which is an offical Japanese cultural Budo sport. The sport consists of kicks, punches and submission techniques on the ground.

I’ve learned the basics of kudo and mixed martial arts (MMA), which will help me in my self-defence," Taapsee said.

The actress stressed the importance of self defense in view of the rising violence against women.

"In view of the rising violence against women, it is important for every woman to know the basics of self defense, and I would like to take a step to teach them,” the actress said.

Taapsee stars in 'Naam Shabana,' India's first spin-off, based on her character in Neeraj Pandey's Baby. She essays the role of an undercover agent in the film.

To perform the stunts herself, Taapse has undergone intense training sessions in Mixed Martial Arts.

Baby's prequel Naam Shabana directed by Shivam Nair is all set to release on March 31, 2017.