The Gulabi Queen of Punjabi music industry, Jasmine Sandlas, has released her new song “Chunni Black” in collaboration with Ranbir Grewal. Since its release, the 3-min and 53-sec song has been trending on social media.

Within four days, the song has grabbed the attention of the audience and managed to get 2,362,085 views. Featuring Randeep Waraich, the song portrays a playful and flirty conversation between a man and a woman. It has a very old-school yet contemporary vibe to it. The video has been shot in scenic locales of Rajasthan and Chandigarh.

Expressing her feelings about the song, Jasmine said, “Chunni Black is my personal favourite as it touches my soul and I will love to do songs which have this slow-groovy feel. I have been doing peppy songs for long and they have been a massive hit as now I want to do songs which are similar to Chunni Black.”

“I love Ranbir’s lyrics and his style of writing which touches the heart of people and I had promised him that we will do a song together which culminated in ‘Chunni Black,” she added.

Along with Jasmine, the song has Ranbir Grewal’s vocals, who has also penned the track and the music is given by Sharan Shergil.