From ads to starring in some of the most popular videos of Filter Copy to finally getting your own web-series? How would you describe your journey?

My journey has had a lot of ups and downs. From auditions to waiting for call backs, and then finally getting the role — it is itself a process. However, the most important thing is that I enjoyed it. They say if you don’t enjoy the process then you’re in the wrong profession. For me, I enjoyed the entire process and that’s why even though my journey had its downs, it didn’t sway me away. I’m really excited to be one of the lead characters in Intern Diaries and learn everything about the Grazia India magazine – it was a fantastic experience.

Tell us something about the web series Intern Diaries?

Intern Diaries is a fresh look on the inner-workings of the fashion world. The series gives you refreshing insights into the life of millennials during the early days of their career — the challenges, the opportunities, the victories and more, all shown through the lens of fashion, glitz and glamour in this riveting web series.

So, how would you describe your character Tara Anand in the show?

Tara is a very organised and a systematic girl who follows the rules most of the time. However, she is young and has a lot to learn. So, you see her journey, the way she handles situations in office and how she learns on the job. Tara is a sensible girl and has a lot to prove especially to her father. Through the series, she understands that writing for a magazine isn’t as easy and it isn’t about the individual – it is more about teamwork.

In any way are Tara and Hira similar? Any common traits that helped you even more to essay the character of Tara?

I really liked playing Tara in Intern Diaries and there are a lot of things I had in common with my character. Grazia is a fashion magazine and there are so many things to do all at once, sourcing to shoots, to coordination – I wasn’t aware of the amount of work that went into a magazine! What helped me was that I’m kind of a stickler for rules so that came naturally. Again I’m also fairly new to the industry, so while Tara was learning, so was Hira. Playing Tara helped me realise that I have so much to learn as an actor and it’s important for me to learn the tools of the trade.

Do you want to share anything about your days as an intern?

Being an intern anywhere requires different types of skills. You have to do work and figure out the nuances of the team and organisation very quickly. My first internship was at a Nonprofit organisation that dealt with kids who had autism. It was a very different setting from a fashion magazine like Grazia India; things weren’t as rushed and patience was the key. We had time and didn’t have to meet deadlines, so it was very different from Intern Diaries.

With the emergence of web-series in India, do you think it’s the right platform for actors to establish themselves?

Web-series are levelling the playing field for new and upcoming actors. It is a great platform that appeals to millennial and is easily accessible. Our generation nowadays is smart and with so much good content out there, attention span is extremely short. So, if you are not a good actor or are not relatable to the audience, they will immediately recognise that. I think that’s why a digital platform – like a webseries – is the right launch pad because actors can be immediately recognised for their performance.

When you decided that acting is what you want to do in life as a career option, were your parents supportive of your decision?

They were so supportive and understanding that I was taken aback. I mean they’ve always supported me in everything I have done, but sometimes I forget that I am so lucky to have parents and a sibling who would support and make sure I know that they will always be there for me. It’s really a blessing.

If not acting then what other profession you had on your mind as a backup option?

I was actually studying medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles, but I guess when you find your calling nothing else matters.  No more back-up plans, I’m focusing on this and really looking forward to the response for Intern Diaries.

Anything you want to share about your future prospects?

 I’m working on something right now, but you’ll have to wait and see! It’s a completely different zone from this.

If you are given the chance of making your Bollywood debut with the choice of your actor and director, who would it be? Why? 

If I was given a choice (which never happens!) my choice for the director would be Zoya Akhtar. I think it’s definitely a beautiful experience working with a female director and she’s someone who I admire. Plus I think she would be a great mentor. I’m not sure about an actor, but Manish Malhotra is definitely someone I wouldn’t mind working with again. His positive energy and enthusiasm is charismatic and he has such a great vibe. I really liked working with him on Intern Diaries – it was something I really wasn’t expecting!