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‘I am a risk-taker’

Rakesh Kumar |

Usually children pick up the traits of their parents while growing up. This is what Ikyawann, a new serial on Star Plus, is all about. Susheel (Prachi Tehlan) is the 51st child of the Parekh family and is brought up by four male members: father, grandfather, paternal uncle and maternal uncle. Therefore, Susheel displays no feminine trait, whatever she does is male-centric — be it challenging boys at Janmashtmi to break the pot of curds first, playing basketball or arm wrestling, she always outperform the boys.

Set in the backdrop of Ahmedabad and Kutch, the show is on air from 13 November. The lead character of Susheel is played by sportsperson-turned-actor Prachi Tehlan. In an interview with The Statesman, the actor spoke about the show and the reason she joined acting.


You were a successful sportsperson and even captain of the Indian basketball team. What made you join this glamour industry?

Actually it just happened. I think it was in my destiny. It came and I tried. Then I started enjoying it because I find it more challenging and demanding than sports. You will get to learn new things every day. It is not monotonous at all and it will always keep you on your toes.

Did any of your sports experience work here?

After entering this industry, whatever I learnt during my sports days, be it team work, confidence, quick learner and discipline, I get a chance to use here. It didn’t take much time to become camera friendly as I had been facing camera since my sports days.

You had good qualification and a high-paying job. What made you try your hand in sports and then acting?

I am among those people who want to try new things in life. I am a risk-taker. I am not in favour of monotonous life. I don’t know what I am doing tomorrow.

Had it been cricket, would you have left it?

Everybody asks me the same thing. I enjoy film industry as it gave more money and fan following. Let me tell one thing, when I was a captain of the basketball team, I had never seen reporters coming to me for interview or organising any press conference. This is really a sad part, but it is not in television.

Is there any chance to make come-back in sports?

No, now there is no chance of getting back.  I have left and new players have joined. But I do miss my sports days.

What sort of roles do you have in mind for the future?

I want to play a role of physically disabled, police woman or any other challenging role.

Any offer from Bollywood so far?

Actually, I haven’t tried in Bollywood yet. I think, right now, I am not fit for it. Whenever I feel I am fully prepared, I will go for it. Now I am enjoying this.