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TV doesn’t lack diversity: Sarah Jessica Parker

PTI | Los Angeles |

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has praised the American television industry for not lacking diversity and gender equality.

The 51-year-old actress – who is most famous for portraying Carrie Bradshaw in both the TV series and two spin-off movies of Sex and the City – said women tend to be offered more work in the small screen than in movies.

Interviewed by fellow actress Michelle Pfeiffer for Variety magazine, Sarah said, "Television is doing better by some of those areas that were, I think, legitimately criticised for lack of diversity and gender. And television seems to — not by force, but really naturally — come to female directors and writers more." 

Michelle, 59, expressed her desire to land a role in TV as she agreed with Sarah's sentiment about the opportunities for females.

She replied, "I would love to do something in television.

Because at this stage in my life it actually fits really well, because I like the idea of just being in one place for a while … I think there is a range of possibilities in television.