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Tupac Shakur was ‘assaulted by predatory prisoners’

IANS | Los Angeles |

The script of Tupac Shakur's biopic All Eyez On Me, penned by director John Singleton before he left the project, included a scene in which the late rapper was assaulted by a group of "predatory and degenerate" prisoners.

Singleton, who has been outspoken in his disdain for the project since exiting it two years ago, submitted a draft of the script in July 2014 titled "Revision Eight", reports

According to a copy of the script, the controversial scene took place during Shakur's nine-month stay at Clinton Correctional Facility in New York in 1995 following his December 1994 sex abuse conviction.

In the scene, the guards vacated every prisoner in the library of the facility except for Shakur, then locked him in there with "about six inmates" described as "the worst prisoners in this facility".

In another scene, Singleton showed Shakur looking on as his mother joined friends for "adult fun".

However, none of these scenes mentioned in the draft could make it to the final script.