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LGBTQ characters to be introduced to Marvel universe

IANS | Los Angeles |

Two LGBTQ characters will be featured in future Marvel Studios films, the studio president Kevin Feige has said.

This comes about eight months after actress Tessa Thompson told fans that her Thor: Ragnarok character Valkyrie is bisexual. Feige spoke on introducing LGBTQ charcater in an interview with The Playlist, reports

Asked “when are we getting a Gay, Bi, LGBTQ, out character in the (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Feige responded: “Yes … yeah, that’s the answer … both (characters) you’ve seen and ones you haven’t seen.”

Last October, Thompson responded to a Twitter thread speculating on the sexuality of the character after a male user called the character a “typical sexless marvel tomboy..oh but with wisecracks”.

Thompson said: “She’s bi. And yes, she cares very little about what men think of her. What a joy to play.”

Last year, Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn had said: “There are probably gay characters in the Marvel universe, we just don’t know who they are yet.”