Annabelle: Creation, the prequel to Annabelle, has been garnering positive reviews from fans and critics ever since its release. But has, somehow, spooked many people who watched the movie!

Annabelle: Creation, a part of The Conjuring series, which is considered as one of the scariest franchise ever, has spooked a woman, who went for a night show of the supernatural thriller!

The unnamed 20-year-old girl visited a cinema in Tersina, Brazil, for a late night show and became hysterical after watching the movie!

According to sources, the girl was reportedly screaming in horror after watching the movie. She was rushed immediately to a nearby hospital, where her friends tried to calm her down as she started punching herself in the face!

Earlier, similar incidents happened when The Conjuring 2 released, where an old man in India had a cardiac arrest and died in between the movie!

Some faint-hearted people should stay away from movies like these, which is too-spooky-to handle.