Harvey Weinstein was misquoted on ‘Roles for Sex’ Interview: Lawyer

Harvey Weinstein

More than 80 women have publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to rape. (Photo: AFP)

Film producer Harvey Weinsteins lawyer has stated that his clients statement was misquoted on his ‘Roles for Sex’ interview.

Spectator columnist Taki Theodoracopulos, meanwhile, has retracted an interview with Weinstein in which the producer was quoted as discussing the sexual assault allegations against him, reports Variety.com

In the story which was published, Theodoracopulos had quoted Weinstein as saying: “I offered acting jobs in exchange for sex, but so does everyone – they still do.”


Theodoracopulos said that the interview took place in his New York office and Weinstein’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, was also present.

Shortly after the story was published, Brafman said Weinstein was misquoted and Theodoracopulos issued a retraction over what he called a “social” visit.

“I was present for the conversation; it was not an interview, but a social meeting between old friends,” Brafman said.

“Harvey and Theodoracopulos did not discuss the case, nor would I allow him to. We talked about old Hollywood and the contrast to European culture, and I think Theodoracopulos sees Harvey in that older light.

“Harvey never said anything about trading movie roles for sexual favours. You have my word that Harvey did not say that,” the lawyer said.

In October 2017, The New York Times and The New Yorker reported that more than a dozen women accused Weinstein of sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping them. Many other women in the film industry subsequently reported similar experiences with Weinstein, who denied raping the women.

As a result of these accusations, Weinstein,66, was fired from his production company, suspended from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

He also resigned from the Directors Guild of America.