Reliance Entertainment has acquired the rights for motion picture, web series, gaming and merchandising of Harappa Trilogy. Author Vineet Bajpai’s novels will soon be adapted into major motion pictures or a multi-season original web-series. Reliance’s recent original web-series Sacred Games, which is also a book-adaptation, has won wide acclaim.

The Harappa Trilogy comprises three fiction novels — Harappa – Curse of the Blood River (released June 2017); Pralay – The Great Deluge (released January 2018) and Kashi – Secret of the Black Temple (released September 2018). All three books are national bestsellers and, as per the publisher TreeShade Books, have sold close to 2,00,000 copies within 18 months of the first release. The books have been translated into Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi as well. Its Author Vineet Bajpai has been frequently compared to global writers of the historical thriller genre, such as Dan Brown and George RR Martin.

Speaking of the screen-rights acquisition, Sweta Agnihotri, CEO-Content Syndication, Reliance Entertainment, said, “The Harappa Trilogy transcends genre-categorisation and blends across the realms of history, mythology, fantasy, crime, thriller and contemporary fiction. It is the perfect story that needs to be told to a wider audience of cinema and digital-content. We are delighted to partner with Vineet on this journey.”

Vineet Bajpai, the author of the Harappa Trilogy, also talked about the project. He said,”It is a momentous occasion. The books have received the love of tens of thousands of readers from all over India, across all age-groups. Everyone wants to see the saga retold on the silver screen. I could not have asked for a better partner than Reliance Entertainment. They have the legacy, the experience and the reach to do full justice to the scale and grandeur needed to adapt the Harappa Trilogy on screen.”