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Gowariker keen to make biopic on Gauhar Jaan

IANS | Mumbai |

Celebrated film director Ashutosh Gowarikar, who is quite enthused at the Indian audiences appreciating biopics, expressed his desire to make a film on legendary singer-dancer Gauhar Jaan.

Present at the finale of India Film Project – Season 7 on Sunday, Gowariker, asked if he wishes to make any biopic, said: “Recently I have acquired a book called ‘My Name Is Gauhar Jaan’ by Vikram Sampat. She is the first lady who recorded for Gramophone Company Of India. She is a great singer from a forgotten era and I think it is a lovely story. So it is quite inspiring… let’s see.”

While he believes Indian cinema is going through an interesting phase, he said: “Though biography always interests me, I never thought that bio-pic in our cinema would be appreciated by the audience so much. I think the change has come not just from our end, but from the audience, unless they accept our creative thoughts, we won’t be able to make films.”

Known for delivering some iconic films from the Oscar-nominated “Lagaan” to “Swadesh” and “Jodhaa Akhbar” among others, Gowarikar said that he loves indie films and the day is not far when he would direct a film on a small canvas.

“Telling a story in a big or small canvas depends on the script. While most of my films are looks like big canvas, because of its cinematography, I want to make a film one day, in an indie manner, shot in one small location, in 45 days of shooting schedule… you know what I mean? But the story has to be right for that.”

Appreciating the two days extravaganza of India Film Project which celebrates contents of different platforms, be it feature films, short films, digital entertainment and so on, Gowarikar said: “You know in today’s time, every video shot quite interestingly, for instance a wedding video, now has been treated as a storytelling rather than just documenting the wedding occasion. That is interesting.

“IFP is taking such potential storytelling to the next level by providing youngsters platform. I appreciate the initiative.”